South End BNI

10/4/11 meeting notes by new President Mike Mahoney

1. Dues are due now. Please bring in your quarterly dues in the amount of $100 payable to Back Bay BNI. Matt Honan the new secretary/treasurer will be collecting dues at the next meeting 2. There is no meeting next week. In lieu of the meeting, please create a Linked-IN Profile. I will created a Back BNI Group that we can all join and use as a platform to network and grow our businesses together. 3. Visitor was Geoff Matthews from Matthews Business Associates visiting the United States from London where he is a BNI member and an accountant. I have attached his business card for anyone who may need it. His email is: The 10 minute presentations this week were done by Carmine Camerato and Gail Nickse. Gail Nickse | Finacial Planner of Wadell and Reed Gail mentioned in her bio that one of the keys to her success is that “clients always come first”. Gail spoke about market volatility and how volatility has been more pronounced over the last couple of years. She mentioned that when she works with clients she needs to consult them on asset allocation and risk tolerance. She said that on any given day we are seeing the market rise and fall by 200 points. She also showed a chart which depicted the conservative, moderate and aggressive investor. The key to successfully investing is to understand how long you will keep the investment. Gail works with clients with all different investment goals. The goals can range from down payment for a house, to funding college tuition, paying for a wedding and retirement. If you have anyone who needs financial advice, please consider referring to Gail Nickse of Waddell and Reed. Gail’s web site is: Carmine Camerato: Printer: Alphagraphics in Boston Carmen opened Alphagraphics 9 years ago with his wife. His business is located at 74 Canal Street in Boston. They just went through a corporate re-branding process. One of things Carmine showed in detail was the use of QR codes in print marketing. QR codes are bar codes that allow smart phones users to scan the codes into their phones and the smart phone will open a browser and bring you to a mobile web page that will allow you to see more about a particular product or service. QR codes were invented in Japan 15 years ago. They were primarily used in the auto manufacturing business to track parts and inventory. Carmine mentioned that in Japan cemetery markers have QR codes and you can see recorded life history of the deceased. Carmine said smart marketers use different QR codes on different locations because the can e tracked. An example would be that you have a QR code on your storefront that is different from the one that is on your business card. This will allow you to track the ROI on the marketing dollars that you are spending. Carmines corporate web site is: http:/ Upcoming Speakers 10/18 Bill Daskowski and Greg Wilson 10/25 Jim Infantino and Heather Lentz 11/1 Desiree Dagostino and Edward Wayland 1/8 Doug Michals and Christen Mithcell The Top Ten List (in no particular order) Bookkeeper Physical Therapist Accupuncturist Copy Writer HVAC Business Broker Event Planner Mover Home Inspector Painter Chapter GOAL for Year To grow the chapter to 35 members or greater with realizing zero attrition. By growing the membership we only grow our own businesses. I explained how each of the top 10 feeds into the various spheres that we have represented in the group membership now. Closing Quote by Natlie Hoppel ”Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. “ Confucius

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