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October 4 45 seconds summary by Marc Canner

Sanker- back ups
Ruby- basement
Carmine business card materials
Natalie. 1040 deadline on 10/15. End of year planning
Dougie. Intro to restaurant. Health ins. 11 minimum
Marc. Refinance
Desiree Symptom bases treatment. Wants someone in the area
Doug. Auto accidents. Pre schools, play structures
Bill . Counteract ravages of on hair. Repair blondes, brunettes. Send new to city to him
Mike BofA charges 5 for debit card. BofA dropped 10 percent yesterday MAFCU good value
Maryanne. Finished hotel chocolate. Needs b&b referral
Jim. Built sight for Brazilian immigrant center
Gail. Help people make smart choices w money People never open statements . . Good referral
Mike . Prune and maintain trees. Fall decorating. Mums and cornstalks. Festive.
Greg. Condo. Walk off carpet. Dusty. Best buy.
Tina . No estate tax.
Jim. Print web, signage, brand is experience of working w business. Wants business card design
Thea. Refinance. 3.875 for 30 year fixed. 20 year mortgage. Adj at 2.5
Mike. Ten listings. 150k condo in Dorchester
Edward wayland. Divorce. Alimony reform bill just enacted. Provide more guidance and predictability in alimony world
Russ. Manufacturing is alive in Mass and NH, new product lines. Setting up new entities
David Barry. Boiler delivered today. Cold season. Need to get gas by oct nov if plan on converting from oil to gas
Andy Bruno. Call at Medford two family. 88 year old got jolt. FIOS on 90 volt. Grounding block.

updated: 6 years ago